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  • Vintage Style Restaurant
Vintage Style Restaurant

The phrase "Vintage Modern" has been floating around for at least five years, but what is it exactly? To put it simply, vintage modern mixes old and new!

Now there are many people choose a style of “ Vintage Modern”, no matter restaurants, cafes, leisure stations, bars, hotels, gardens or home. So vintage style furniture are more and more popular. 

The most popular vintage chairs are Windsor Chairs and Peacock Chairs, which are made by metal (Aluminum or steel), retro or vintage finishing, best choice for commercial occasion, plenty colors for option, easily to match.(Click photos to check more models)

Cross-back Chairs, Tolix Chairs, Navy Chairs etc these kind of industrial style chairs are also very popular. All of them are made by metal, powder-coating by outdoor powder, can by used both indoor or outdoor.

Tables are very easy to match, you can choose a cast iron table base comes with wooden table top or marble or metal.

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