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About us

About Us

KW Furniture  is a professional supplier for Dining Room Furniture, Restaurant Furniture, Hotel Banquet Furniture, Indoor & Outdoor Event Furniture etc.

Product Line

We currently have 7 ranges of Dining Room Furniture for different occasions, suitable for hotel banquets, restaurants, gardens, bars, home dining rooms, theme coffee shops, indoor and outdoor events etc.

l Banquet Chairs & Tables

l Vintage Dining Chairs & Tables

l Steel Wire Chairs & Outdoor Tables

l Restaurant Chairs & Table Bases

l Wedding Chairs & Tables

l Indoor/Outdoor Events Chairs & Tables

l Other Banquet Facilities


We have our own hardware department, wooden department, fabric department, painting department, QC department, sales department, all mainly production procedures are handled by ourselves, reduce the risk from every steps.

Our sales department staffs are trained to be a trustable, reliable, professional partners to all customers.

Our Values

l Professionalism

l Customers’ Satisfaction

l Good After-Sale Sevrice

Our Contacts

l Website:www.fskwfurniture.com

l Email:sales01@fskwfurniture.com




l Tel.:+86-757-22919136

l Mobile: +86-13590533288



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Tel: +86-757-22919136

Email: sales01@fskwfurniture.com

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